Friday, July 22, 2011

Plymouth 5 KM town walk

Plymouth 5 KM town walk - Part I

It was a hot day today. I hit the pavement at around 8:30 am this morning and it was in the mid-80's already. I started my walk at the Cozy Cafe in Plymouth, Michigan the start point of the 5KM town walk. While taking my first picture of the day, the two brave souls sitting outside asked me if I would take a picture of their dog Ahmad, I was happy to oblige.

Once done with my dog taking obligations for the moment (more doggies later in the walk will be photographed). I headed on my way. The Plymouth walk has quite bit of shade which makes it a good choice for walking on a hot day. When heading towards Sheldon Rd, the local girl's high school cross country team was taking a training run. Also, when walking along Sheldon Rd, a woman was exercising in her front lawn by doing a fan dance. I stopped to watch and found it fascinating and interesting, I wanted to take her picture, but she insisted she was still in her pajamas and not willing to be photographed. At the start of this walk there are many historical homes.

Along the walk you will pass the Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Office which is a historical site in Plymouth.

Like I said it was a hot day and a good day to try your skills as a young entrepreneur - what better way to start than as a lemonade salesman. These three young boys did a good sales job of selling me a cold beverage as I headed into downtown Plymouth.

As I headed into downtown I passed the local post office and another dog owner requested a doggie photo shoot, maybe this is a future job opportunity - hmmmm???

I am going to divide this photo, walking opportunity into two parts, tomorrow I will post the second half of the walk, so in closing I will leave you with one final parting shot of the the downtown Plymouth park with many shade trees and a very nice fountain.

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